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Monostroma grevillei: Funnel shaped and dissected by long cuts. 0,5-1 dm. Bright green and adheres to paper. Found in dense populations from northern Bohuslän to the Baltic, but only from March to May.
Monostroma fusca: Large (1-3 dm), thin rounded leaves, that became stained and brownish. Does not adhere to paper and cracks when dried. Found in the estuary outside Gothenburg and in different locations along the coast of Bohuslän.
Monostroma oxyspermum: Build small green rosettes on rocks on shallow muddy bottoms. Appear during the summer and autumn.
Monostroma balticum: Roughly 0,5 dm, pale green, thick cell walls (when seen under a microscope), edges often rolled inwards, does not adhere to paper. Found from Skåne (southern Sweden) to the southern areas of the Gulf of Bothnia. Does not attach itself to rocks or solid stratum.

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