Meet the crab at night!

At night the shore crab usually leaves its hideaway. It is at this time it is easy to catch sight of them by shining a flashlight down into the water. They are usually attracted by the light and cheekingly come waving their claws.

Pick up the crab in your hand!

If you are lucky and find a crab, watch out for its claws. To hold the crab without it pinching you, you should grip it as far back as possible over the carapace. If you should try and hold the crab by its claws or legs, there is a real risk that you will recieve a stout pinch. If at this time you do not release the crab, there is a risk that you will be standing there with just a claw or leg in your hand. In an emergency the crab has the ability to release a leg or claw if it cannot free itself any other way.

Can survive on land

Creatures that live in shalllow water, like shore crabs, must count on ending up on land sometimes. Their tight shells protect them from dehydration and they have the ability to breath air as long as their gills are moist. Occasionally it is possible to see how they bubble around the mouth.
   Shore crabs have a fantastic ability to find their way back to the sea. They manage to find the sea even if they can not see it, or have to go uphill to reach it.

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Pick it up with your hand

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