Mating starfish
A common starfish raised on its arms and releasing eggs and sperms into the water.

The starfish usually becames sexually mature at about 12-14 months, but it is commonly size that dictates maturity. Mating mainly takes place between May and June (water temp. about 8 °C) when the whole population are at the same depth and like an epidemic, release their eggs and sperms into the water. Individuals stand up on their arms, even climbing up on rocks and algae to be as high as possible. A large female can yield as many as 2,5 miljoner eggs during a 2 hour period. During June and July large numbers of starfish larvae can be found in the water. When the larvae reach a length of about 2 mm, a young starfish developes at the end of the larvae.

Mating starfish
A starfish ejecting eggs or sperm.

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