Baltic macoma

Eats in different ways

The Baltic macoma eats in several different ways depending on the environment it lives in. On sandy bottoms, there are mostly Baltic macomas that filter food from the water. On muddy and sheltered bottoms it is common that the mussels sweep the muddy surface with their long inhalent siphons. With its inhalent siphon, the mussel gathers small particles of dead organic material that is called detritus. Bacteria on the the detritus is the foremost diet. Creatures that eat in this way are known as deposition eaters.
Filterers = suspension eaters
Deposition eaters

Fish and ice are dangerous

The Baltic macoma is an important food source for fish. Another problem they have is ice. When they live in shallow water, the ice can lie very close to the surface of the sediment and the Baltic macoma and other creatures can suffocate and die. If all the mussels die during such a catastrophe, then derelict areas must colonised again by larvae from other areas.

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The shell

Dug down

Eats in different ways

Fish and ice are dangereous

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