Mud snail

Mud snail -
Hydrobia (and others)

Scientific names: Hydro- (hydor) is Greek for water, while bios, also of Greek origin, means life.
Other scientific names: In Sweden the following species can be found: Hydrobia ulvae, Hydrobia ventrosa = Ventrosia ventrosa, Hydrobia neglecta and Potamopyrgus antipodarum = Hydrobia jenkinsi = Paludestrina jenkinsi.
   The drawing above depicts Hydrobia ulvae (living and shell). The pictures below show Hydrobia ventrosa to the left of Hydrobia ulvae.

Other English names: Laver spire shell. The names usually refers to Hydrobia ulvae, but is sometimes used as a reference to other specie within the group and the family as a whole.

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