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A working saltwater aquarium can be created by following a simple method. Use plate glass and not a moulded, with a volume of at least 100 litres. Create a bottom filter like the one shown in the diagram below. Ready made filters can be bought in a store, but are easily made, a piece of corrugated plastic sheeting with small holes would be sufficient. The sheeting is placed over the bottom of the aquarium. A vertical plastic tube 1-2 cm dia.) is placed tightly against the sheeting. A narrower tube is placed within the larger and coupled to an air pump in such a way so that air bubbles are released at the bottom of the larger tube. The sheeting should then be covered with a layer of sand. The corn size of the sand should be larger than 1 mm. Now the aquarium can be filled with water and the air pump started. When the air bubbles rise to the surface through the larger tube, a water current is created and aquarium water is sucked downwards through the sand and up through the tube. Now the aquarium can be fitted out with rocks, stones and other things that you think are interesting. Problems can arise with the introduction of seaweed and othe algae because of the difficulty of keeping them alive. Many organisms like to have a place to hide. A practical solution is to place an empty flower pot, whole or in pieces, in the aquarium.

Drawing of a saltwater aquarium with a bottom filter.


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