Shallow soft bottoms

Simple equipment

Taking samples with a drop-trap


Taking samples with a fallfälla on shallow soft bottoms

Collecting samples with a fallfälle

1. Decide the area to be surveyed and draw a map of it. Randomly mark out 5-15 points on the map of where the samples will be taken.
2. Place the fallfällan on a sample site and net all the organisms and place them in jars. After 10 sweeps with the net it can be assumed that the fallfälle is empty.
3. Pour some of the water out of the jar so only a few centimetres are left and top off with 3-4 cm 96-% alcohol.
4. Proceed to the next sampling area.

Examining your fallfälle samples

1. Pour your samples into a dish and sort them after what you think they are for species and place them in different jars.
2. Be more accurate when determining the specie of the samples, count the number and measure their size:

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