Green algae -

Enteromorpha intestinalis

Picture of Enteromorpha intestinalis

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 20-40 cm.
Appearance: Shimmering pale green in colour. The shoots that grow from a common root are tubular, often gas filled, intestine like and devoid of branching.
Depth: 0-7 m.
Environment: Enteromorpha intestinalis grows on gravel and rocky bottoms. At low tide, a part of them tend to bend and float on the surface. It is quite common in rock pools, especially those that have a high position, 5 to 10 m above sea level, and get splashed during storms.
Misc.: There are about 10 specie of Enteromorpha intestinalis, and it can be very difficult for the layman to see the differences between the different specie.
Classification: Enteromorpha intestinalis is a member of the group green algae.

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