Dead men's ropes

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Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 3,5 m.
Appearance: Dead men's rope is a round, quite leathery and slimy brown alga with a whip-like stem. It has a sparse covering of small colourless hairs. Picture of pressed Dead men's ropes.
Depth: 3-4 m.
Environment: Dead men's rope is common on gravel bottoms in protected bays and coves, where it builds long curtains up to the water surface, often with several individuals entangled in each other. It is not found on rock bottoms amongst the alga banks of the inner archipelagoes, but strangely present in the outer areas. This is probably because they endure vigorous wave activity well.
Misc: Dead men's rope is yearly and grows on the upper ends.
Classification: Dead men's rope is a member of the brown algae group.

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