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Picture of oarweed

Distribution in scandinavian waters
Maximum length: 1,5 m.
Appearance: The plant is divided into a holdfast, stalk and leaf. The stalk is thick, round and flexible with a smooth surface. The leaf is wide, shiny and has a leather feel. The mucus pores on the leafs surface give it a slippery feeling. When the leaf has grown out a bit, it becames divided into several long and slim lobes (fingers). Oarweed can be difficult to distinguish from sugar wrack.
Depth: 0,5-20 m.
Environment: Oarweed grows on rocks and cliffs. It needs a stable substrate and endures wave action better than sugar wrack.
Misc: Oarweed, like sugar wrack and laminaria hyperborea form large underwater forests. Read more about the three different specie in the section on sugar wrack.
Classification: Oarweed is a member of the brown algae group.

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