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Red alga-
Furcellaria lumbricalis

Furcellaria lumbricalis

Distribution in scandinavian waters
Maximum length: 5-20 cm.
Appearance: Red brown in colour, but when illuminated from the rear, appears to have a dark brown colour. It becames blackish when dried. When growing, every branch divides into two. The 1-2 mm thick branches resemble cartilage and grow out of a tangle of small creeping shoots that attach to the cliffs like brackets.
Depth: 0-15 m.
Environment: Furcellaria lumbricalis grows on hard bottoms. It is often the dominent alga in those areas where it grows, the so called Furcellaria-zone.
Misc: It is perennial and becames sexually mature during the winter.
Classification: Furcellaria lumbricalis is a member of the red algae group.

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