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More about the cyranobacteria

Through a microscope it is possible to see the individual cells.

The cells of the cyranobacteria are joined in threads that are surrounded by a mucus producing sheath. These cell threads are widest at the base, and there, a large light cell is often visible. Several cell threads are often united to form a wad.
    Reproduction occurs when bacteria cells divide. Distribution is accomplished when a few connected and gas filled cells are released from the cell thread and drift away.
    Cyranobacteria utilizes photosynthesis to produce sugar, but also has the ability to absorb and bind nitrogen from the air. The black belts of cyanobacteria reach their peak during the later summer and autumn.
    Cyanobacterias are also known as blue-green bacteria and blue-green algae in certain areas.
    The rough periwinkle is commonly seen grazing on these belts of bacteria.
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