Mud shrimp

Mud shrimp

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 1,0 cm (from forehead to end of tail).
Appearance: The second pair of antennae are very large, especially on adult males, as shown in the picture above. The mud shrimp is whitish in colour with large dark brown patches on the back and antennae. The body of the mud shrimp is quite flat.
Depth: 0-10 m. The mud shrimp thrives close to the water line in areas that are periodically drained.
Environment: Soft bottoms.
Misc: The mud shrimp is not often noticed as it usually hides in its hole in the bottom sediment, but on closer observation it is possible in certain areas to see the many small holes that lead to their tunnels. It is also possible to see their antennae sticking out.
Classification: There are several similar specie.
    Mud shrimps are amphipods, which are crustaceans under the arthropod group.

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