Sand hopper

Jump well

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Jump well

Sand hoppers are easily seen amongst the seaweed along the beach or when you turn over stones and peebles. It is impossible to miss them when they jump around. Sand hoppers, 1-2 cm long can jump as high as 20-40 cm and over a distance of one metre. This jump mechanism is enabled when they tuck their tails in under their body and then quickly pressing it against the ground.

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In the greenhouse

Sand hoppers are found on most of the worlds beaches. There are specie that live in forests, woods and greenhouses.

Eat the remains of washed up organisms

During the day sand hoppers usually lie hidden in the sand or amongst the seaweed that has washed up onto the beach, but at night they awaken and are often out foreging for food. They eat the remains of most animals and plants that they find washed up onto the beach. At this time there is less risk that they are preyed upon by birds or becaming dehydrated in the sun.