Hercules - a giant shore crab

The carapace of this shore crab is 7.6 cm long and 10.0 cm wide. It is perhaps the largest shore crab ever caught in the world.

Reported maximum shore crab carapace widths are 9.6 cm from the west coast of North America, 8.5 cm from Australia, 8.0 cm from the east coast of North America and 7.5 cm from Denmark.

In the end of October, 2000, it found its way into a crayfish trap east of Ramsö in the Koster fjord in northern Bohuslän county, Sweden. The fisherman Morgan Axelsson at SD 67 Lilleskär pulled it up from a depth of 60-70 meters.

The giant male, called Hercules, spent his last days in the aquarium at Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory.

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