Common prawn

Common prawn

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 6,3 cm.
Appearance: Greyish brown-green in colour with dark markings and vertical bands (has on the whole sharper colours than Palaemon fabricii, for example the blue and yellow bands on the front legs, that are seen on both specie, are more apparent with this species - Palaemon elegans). Compare with Palaemon.. Pigment markings are absent under the rostrum. The rostrum is straight or has a weak upward curvature with 7-9 teeth on the dorsal side and 3 (2-4) on the ventral side.
Depth: Sea-level to unknown depth.
Environment: The common prawn is common amongst the brown algae in the littoral zone, but even found amongst eel grass.
Classification: The common shrimp is a member of the group ten-footed crustaceans under the arthropods.

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