Baltic isopod

Baltic isopod

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: Females 2 cm and males 4,2 cm.
Appearance: The Baltic isopods inner antennae are short while the outer are about a fourth of the bodys length. The body is elliptical, the hind appendages are narrower than the middle body and is concluded with three teeth at the end. Their colour can vary greatly, but it is usually greenish, dark brown or redish, with or without spots or stains.
Depth: 0-20 m.
Environment: The Baltic isopod lives amongst shallow banks of algae.
Misc: The Baltic isopod pictured above is creeping on bladder or toothed wrack . It is one of the few species that eats seaweed. Do you want to see a Baltic isopod swimming.
Classification: The Baltic isopod is a member of the isopod group, a crustacean under the arthropods.

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