Opossum shrimp
(10-15 specie in scandinavian waters)

Opossum shrimp

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 2-3 cm.
Appearance: Half-transparent with a pouch on their stomach.
Depth: From sea-level to several hundred metres.
Environment: Swim often in large shoals amongst the algae and seaweed close to the beach. Often mistakenly thought to be youg shrimps.
Misc: Opossum shrimps eat in a variety of ways. Some are predators and catch plankton, especially copepods. Quite often they use the legs under their abdomen to catch their food. With their mouth they can also filter food out of the water. All opossum shrimps play a major roll in the food chain, especially as food for the fish.
Classification: The group opossum shrimps is a member of the crustacean group under the arthropods.

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