Lagoon cockle -
Cerastoderma lamarcki

Scientific names: The Greek word keraster means horned and derma, also Greek, means skin, hide and leather. Chevalier de Lamarck, whose real name was Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, lived 1744-1828. He was the son of a poor count from Picardie in France. After taking part in the Seven Year War he lived in Paris as an impoverished writer, while at the same time learning alot about nature. During the French revolution and due to the lack of suitable candidates he became a professor of zoology. As such he was a pioneer, especially as a systematist, contrary to his findings on evolution that later were shown to be incorrect. Lamarck created the word biology.

Other scientific names: Cerastoderma glaucum. There appears to be an uncertainty if Cerastoderma glaucum and Cerastoderma lamarcki are the same species. The former (glaucum) is described in the Mediterranean, while the latter in northern Europe and finally if it should be shown that they are two different specie, then the species in scandinavia should be known as Cerastoderma lamarcki.

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