Sand gaper

Sand gaper

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 15 cm.
Appearance: The calcareous shell is white or light yellow in colour. On the shell of living gapers is a light green to brown-yellow surface, but has usually been worn away on shells that have been washed up onto the shore. One of the shells has a large flat lock that fits into a corresponding cavity on the other shell. The mantle bay inside the shell is large.
Depth: 0 - ca 8 m.
Environment: Commonly,the Sand gaper lives dug down in soft bottoms, but can sometimes be found living in cavities among belts of Blue mussels.
Misc: This well known ”Swedish” mussel originates from North America and came to Europe during the 16th centuary, probably with the help of man.
Classification: The Sand gaper is a member of the bivalve group under the molluscs.

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