Keel worms

Polychaete - fam. Serpulidae

Pomatoceros triqueter

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 2,5 cm.
Appearance: The body colour can vary from a green or yellow tone to red or brown. The crown of tentacles has white, yellow, red or brown crosswise streaks and a blueish collar. The pipe has an opague white colour and has a half-circuliar or triangular cross-section with a longitudual ridge along the back and encroaches upon the opening of the tube. The pipe is attached to some form of substrate for most of its length.
Depth: 0-5000 m.
Environmnt: Keel worms are often found in large quantities on rocks, mussel shells and other solid substrate.
Classification: Keel worms are part of the segmented worm group under the polychaetes.

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