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Cliff and rocky beach ecology
When asexual reproduction occurrs, individuals originate from only one adult and therefore have the same genes. Such individuals are genetically alike and are known as clones. Sometimes asexually reproduced individuals exist totally seperated from each other. This is the case for different generations of algae that are created from spores.
<A HREF="">[Watch a plumose anemone divide (1,7 MB)]</A>
Plumose anemones reproduce by division. (Try playing the movie back and forth by moving the clip.)

Many small became great

Coral reef

In warmer tropical waters, it is the colony building cnidarians that are responsible for building the massive and fantastic coral reefs. This colony building ability is even important in more temperate areas of the globes hard bottom environments, even if these colonies of cnidarins are not as large and dominant as here.
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Cliffs and rocks are fantastic!
Zoning and flecked occurrence
Animals that are attached
Modular construction
Variation and change
Variations in water level
Wave exposure
Both cliffs and rocks
Freshwater and saltwater
Geography, climate and history
Organisms life cycles
Organisms effect on each other
Energy and the flow of material

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