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Cliff and rocky beach ecology Much spawn finds a nutritive and protected environment amongst the algae.
    Because cliffs and rocky beach areas usually have many suspension feeders, they probably effect the size of plankton populations along coastlines.

Bo Johannesson
Organisms that are found on cliffs and rocky beaches also effect terrestial environments because storms and waves throw up large amounts of algae onto the beach. When the algae decays and rots, it also fertilizes terrestial plants so they became luxuriant and splendid!

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Cliffs and rocks are fantastic!
Zoning and flecked occurrence
Animals that are attached
Modular construction
Variation and change
Variations in water level
Wave exposure
Both cliffs and rocks
Freshwater and saltwater
Geography, climate and history
Organisms life cycles
Organisms effect on each other
Energy and the flow of material

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