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In this project, the effectivity of extracting alga from the sea and using it as a fertilizer or for the production of biogas was tested. When the alga is extracted from the water in shallow bays, large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus, that have been absorbed by the alga, are also extracted at the same time. In this way, fewer nutrients are left in the bays and burden the system.
Alga harvest
In one project, a harvester is being tested to gather up the algae on the water surface and squeeze out the water.The mass of algae is then transported away to be used as fertilizer, in the production of paper and biogas.

Stefan Örgård and Bo Johannesson

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Problems and expectations
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Seawater and soluble salts
The sea moves
Coastal waters are close to us
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Sources of over-fertilization
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Alga harvest

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