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Scientific research involves the construction of models that can explain observations that we have made and from these models suggest hypotheses that can be reversed into null hypotheses and experimental testing. (Look at figure 1 again). Those explanations that can be accepted as being scientific are those that stand up to experimentation of this type and when no other explanations are left that explain our observations better. When somebody suggests a new model that would explain our observations, we must first test it against the model that we believe to be currently correct. Only then can we decide which model is to be rejected as incorrect.

Explanations are only temporarily valid

All explanations can only be temporary. One reason for that is that one can never prove an explanation as being true. Another reason that makes it difficult to describe the sea and its inhabitants and to explain natural phenomena is that there are constant changes and differences between different places at different times. What may be considered as being true at one place at a certain time may not be valid at another place at a different time.
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