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Sometimes large scale experiments over a long period of time need to be conducted

The results from scientific surveys are only valid for that area and that period of time the surveys were conducted. Often we want to explain phenomena that occurs in vast areas, over long periods of time and where it is very difficult to work. But it is only when we can actually conduct experiments at vast areas, over a long enough period and overcome practical difficulties with the experiments, that we are able to test such comprehensive explanations. Certain explanations can be tested without comparing several manipulated and unchanged control areas, but when this is not possible we have to satisfy ourselves with opinions. Theories remain as opinions until scientific methods have shown them to be incorrect.

Knowledge through Aquascope

It is difficult being definite about our knowledge of the sea because:
1. The number of units (e.g. individuals) in the sea is so vast that scientists have to use statistics to show probability.
2. It is difficult conducting scientific surveys without there being mistakes in all the integral parts of a survey.
3. Compared to what we would like to know and understand about the sea, correctly executed surveys are few.
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