Spiral wrack

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Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 30 cm.
Appearance: The almost ball shaped receptacles (reproductive organs) have a noticable edging. The leaf-like lobes usually have a nerve in the middle and are devoid of air filled bladders. Its colour varies from yellow-green to dark brown. Spiral wrack can closely resemble bladder wrack and arctic wrack (Fucus evanescens = Fucus distichus = Fucus inflatus)
Depth: Spiral wrack is found from mean water and a little bit up on the beach. Found often above other "leafy" seaweed.
Environment: Found on rocks and cliffs but does not thrive in rock pools.
Misc: Eggs and sperm are produced on the same individual. In the picture above, a brown fluff is visible, this is a thread-like brown algae, and a periwinkle.
Classification: Spiral wrack is a member of the brown algae group.

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