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Red alga-
Hildenbrandia rubra

Hildenbrandia rubra

Distribution in scandinavian waters
Maximum thickness: 0,2-0,3 mm.
Appearance: As the name suggests, Hildenbrandia rubra is thin and tightly packed to the substrate. This dark red or brown alga builds patches that can be quite widespread; sometimes it can be difficult knowing if you are looking at one large individual or several small. Hildenbrandia rubra should not be misstaken for the encrusting red alga, that is usually pink, thicker and contains chalk.
Depth: 0-30 m.
Environment: Hildenbrandia rubra is found growing on cliffs, rocks and shells. Often found in i.e. rock pools.
Misc: It is common as a sub-vegetation, found growing in the shade of larger algae like bladder and knotted wrack.
Classification: Hildenbrandia rubra is a member of the red alga group.

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