Sea mat


Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: The colonies be can several decimetres in size, but under extreme circumstances be larger than 1 metre. The individual zooeciums are about 0,5 mm in size.
Appearance: The thin, but hard chalky colonies of sea-mats are relatively smooth and rounded. Their colour is comprises of different shades of white and grey. The zooeciums are often square in form and furnished with short blunt barbs in each corner.
    Compare the sea-mat with the hairy sea-mat and the other varities of sea- mat.
Depth: 0-50 m.
Environment: Sea mats live on brown algae, mainly kelp and wrack.
Misc: Sea-mats catch and eat small suspened particles in the water. Very few creatures prey on sea mats, but certain species of sea-spiders, sea urchins and nudibranchs do.
Classification: The hairy sea-mat is a member of the ectoprocts.

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