Rock barnacle

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum diametre: 4,1 cm, but is seldom more than 1,5 cm in Swedish waters.
Appearance: The exoskeleton is white to light grey. There appears to be a gape between the two top plates because the seams are thick and the joints irregular. Rock barnacles are usually relatively flat in form, but do on occasion grow in height, this species to has a somewhat curved form.
Depth: From close to mean sea-level to about 60 m; on rare occasions noticably deeper.
Environment: This species is often found on shells, but can also be found on for example cliffs, rocks or wood. It does not build apparent bands like the northern rock barnacle and the brackish water bay barnacle.
Classification: The gaping rock barnacle belongs to the cirripedia group, which is a crustacean under the arthropods.

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