Cladocerans of the Evadne family
(2-3 specie in scandinavian waters)

Evadne cladoceran

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 0,15 cm. Compare with the size of a hair.
Appearance: Cladocerans of the Evadne family are transparent with a slight yellow to grey tone. The two quite complex eyes have grown together and are large and dark. The second pair of antennae are large and used for swimming. There are four pairs of legs on the abdomen. With the different specie of the Evadne family, the head and pointed carapace are not seperated by a sharp indentation. Compare the Evadne-species with the cladocerans of the Podon family and the water fleas.
Depth: Evadne-species are found from sea-level to a depth of 2 000 metres, but are probably more common in shallow water.
Environment: Pelagic.
Misc: The Evadne-species eat small organisms and other particles that they find in the water. In turn, they themselves are often eaten by larger creatures, for example, fish. Like the water flea the young can develope without the eggs being fertilized.
Classification: TheEvadne-species is a cladoceran, a crustacean under the arthropods. In the picture above is a female of the species Evadne nordmanni. The other species that is often observed in large quantities in scandinavian waters - Evadne spinifera, has a much more prominent point.

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