Orange lichen

Picture of Orange lichen

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Size: The species is found in patches and belts where it is difficult to discern seperate individuals.
Appearance: The tissue of this species has a very brittle appearance. The body has a chequered cracked look with a finely frayed, whitish or pale yellow edge that is composed of the lichens hyfers. The fruiting structure has a dark orange disc that is surrounded by a lighter edge.
Depth: Orange lichen usually grows in an area above the salt lichen.
Environment: This species grows close to the shoreline on rocks and cliffs that are moistened by the waves. This lichen can build small yellow patches amongst the darker belts of salt lichen, but is more common higher up and can build widespread yellow-orange colonies on the shorelines middle zone. Orange lichen is perennial and colonies grow slowly.
Classification: Orange lichen is part of the fungi group under the lichens.

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