Easily mistaken species

There are a number of cockle specie in Sweden, about 8 or 9, but the most common shell that is found on the beach comes from the Common cockle. On clayey bottoms and where the water has a low saline content, e.g. The Baltic and estuaral areas, the similar looking species,Cerastoderma lamarcki is found. The warped shell has a more slender locking valve edge and the internal rib grooves are longer than with the Common cockle.

Different cockles
Top row: The Common cockle (Cerastoderma edule)
Bottom row:Cerastoderma lamarcki.

Other facts

The intestines of a flatfish that has been caught in a shallow bay showing small cockles.

Small cockles are an important source of food for small fish and shrimps. Even a lot of people think of cockles as a delicacy and they are fished in many European countries by raking them up from the seabed.

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Easily mistaken specie

Other facts

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