Rough periwinkle

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 2 cm.
Appearance: The shell can vary greatly in colour, pattern and form. The soft parts are uncoloured to light black. Every tentacle has one or two dark lateral stripes. Compare with the common periwinkle.
Depth: The rough periwinkle lives quite high up on the beach. It is enough that it gets occasionally wettened by the waves and sea spray.
Environment: Lives on both soft and hard bottoms. The species is common on rocks and cliffs on most beaches. They are seldom found on sand or seaweed, but there is a form that lives on seaweed in protected bays and beaches. Empty shells from this species are commonly found on beaches.
Misc: The young develope completely inside the mother: out creeps a 0,5 mm large copy of the parents.
Classification: The rough periwinkle is part of the periwinkle group under the molluscs.

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