Tubeworm - Spirorbis spirorbis

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: The tubeworm can be up to 6,5 mm long and the tube spiral can be 4 mm in diametre.
Appearance: The tube of the tubeworm is rolled together into a spiral form, rather like a white seashell. The tube is devoid of a longitudual ridge, but has an edge that lies slightly against the substrate. The body is green, while the crown of tentacles are colourless with a greenish shimmer.
Depth: 0-280 m.
Environment: Spirorbis spirorbis thrives on toothed wrack, but is often found on bladder wrack , oarweed, sugar wrack and quite a few other specie. Closely related specie can also be found on rocks and mussel shells.
Classification: Spirorbis spirorbis is a member of the segmented worm group under the polychaetes.

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