Sand beach

They are wonderful

Introduction to sand beaches

They are wonderful

Sand beach

You have certainly visited beaches many times. Then you know how wonderful it is sunbathe and swim.
   It is also very rewarding visiting a beach when you want to learn about the creatures that live in or close to the sea. Beaches are often quite accessible, and once there, it is easy to come in close contact with some of the Marine inhabitants. It is often possible to wade out into the water and study Marine inhabitants in their own environment, because it is often quite shallow several metres out. Even those that do not want to get wet can still find alot on dry land; it is possible that anything from a whale to an empty periwinkle shell gets washed up onto the beach. Maybe you are one of those that find something special!

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Waves, bottoms and construction

Sand movement and erosion

Sand bottoms as living environments

The art of digging

Sand beach organisms

Food web

Change and variation

Swedish beach life

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