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Quite often there are many proposed explanations, but because it is difficult to carry out real experiments in the beach environment, especially when waves complicate research, it is difficult to know which explanation is correct. Many difficult challanges face scientists before we really understand the mechanisms that are in action within the beach environment.

Aquascope shows you many of the organisms on the beach

By using Aquascope you can learn more about most of the organisms you are likely to encounter whilst visiting a sand beach in Sweden. Our intention is that you, without special knowledge or equipement, would be able to identify many of the organisms according to their group (phyllum) and specie. You can find information about many individual specie, but for most terrestial plants, insects, fish, birds and mammels, we have only left a summary. These groups have been treated in more detail in a number of very good guide books (unfortunately only in Swedish).

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Learn more about the organisms on the sand beach!

Waves, bottoms and construction

Sand movement and erosion

Sand bottoms as living environments

The art of digging

Sand beach organisms

Food web

Change and variation

Swedish beach life

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