When young

When starfish fall to the bottom they are about 1 mm long. In the beginning they mainly consume small barnacles and mussels that have also just landed on the bottom. Under favourable circumstances they reach a radius of 5 mm during the first month, and reach 3-4 cm during the first year. Growth is dependant on food and temperature, which makes it difficult to determine their age by size.

Little starfish
Pictured starfish are between 1-1.5 mm long.


Primitive eye on the arm tip.

At the tip of each arm is a pigmented marking that functions as a primitive eye, and thus able to distinguish between light and dark.

Common sunstar and gulls eat starfish.

Within the fishing industry, the starfish is considered to be vermin, because it competes with plaice and flounder for food, and it also attacks fish caught in nets.

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What it eats

Can eat alot at one time


When young


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