Mud snail

Global distribution

Those specie of mud snails that are present in Sweden are also found along the Atlantic coasts of Europe and Africa, from Norway in the north to Senegal in the south. They are also present in the Mediterranean.


Mud snails act as hosts for a great many parasites. One of the many attackers are for example digenetic flukes (Trematoda), which often go through several different stages of development. Mud snails are usually infected when they eat the eggs whilst fouraging for food on the bottom and thereby becaming hosts for the first stage of development. The following stages usually infect birds and fish.
    Flukes usually attack the reproductive organs of the periwinkles so they cannot produce sperm or eggs. Even the hormone balance can be disrupted, thus affecting growth so that they grow larger and quicker.

Bo Johannesson

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Eats diatoms

Eats under a raft

Many die during the winter

Eaten by crabs

Males are missing

Found from Norway to Senegal

Attacked by parasites

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