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As time passes, water evaporates from the aquarium and needs to be replaced. Fill only with freshwater because the salts do not evaporate. Salinity can easily be controlled by using a refractometer.
   Because of the animals metabolism, nitrate concentration in the water increases. This occurs even in a well-managed aquarium with only a few organisms. This requires that the water has to be changed at regular intervals. It is better that only a little water is exchanged with shorter intervals, than larger quantities after longer intervals. Indicator paper for nitrates can usually be bought in most aquarium stores.
   Covering the aquarium with a sheet of glass helps to prevent evaporation and stop certain organisms from getting out.


Organisms found in Swedish waters have adapted to lower water temperatures than are normally found indoors. A simple cooling method is to use an old refrigerator. In the refrigerator it is possible to have a container with sea water that is connected to the aquarium via a few tubes through the wall of the refrigerator. Circulation is accomplished with the use of a simple pump. The water in both the refrigerator and the aquarium must have the same level, otherwise one of the containers will flow over. If you want to make it even easier, freeze packs can be placed so they float in the aquarium. The packs should be exchanged daily.

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