Green alga -

Cladophora rupestris

Picture of cladophora rupestris

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 5-25 cm.
Appearance: Builds stiff and powerful dark green brush like branches. Do you want to see a pressed Cladophora rupestris? Here you can see one.
Depth: Can grow as deep as 15m, but is commonly found close to the beach.
Environment: Cladophora rupestris is quite rare in the outer archipelagoes, but is abundant in central regions and is absent in the inner most areas of the archipelagoes. Often found in the shadow of large boulders and walls. Common in deeper rock pools . Found also in shallower rock pools, but usually paler in colour.
Misc.: Cladophora rupestris is perennial, which is noticable in the Gulf of Bothnia. Here, it is possible to see loose layers of old small plants on sand bottoms at a depth of 2-3 m.
Classification: Cladophora rupestris is a member of the green algae group.

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