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Our largest alga

Perennial primary shoots


Summer and winter appearance


Origin and distribution

Japweeds journey to Sweden

Establishment in Sweden and Denmark

Establishment and development in the Koster area

Development along the Swedish west coast

More about japweed

Our largest alga

In Japan, its country of origin, japweed is normally not longer then about 75-120 cm in length. Along the French coast of the English Channel, individuals up to 6-7 m are common, but plants up to 12 m have been observed. In Sweden, japweed is usually found at depths between 0-10 m. The plants are usually between 1,5-2 m in length, but lengths of up to 4 m have been observed, thus making this species our largest alga.

 Perennial primary shoots

The perennial primary shoot with holdfast, leaf-like outgrowths and base of the yearly secondary shoots.

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