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Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: 4 m.
Appearance: Japweed is brown in colour and consists of a short perennial stalk with a circular holdfast. At the top of the stalk is a thin rosette with oblong "leaves". From the stalk small yearly branches develope during the spring and early summer. Branches of the first order die during the late summer and autumn. On branches of a higher order, small bladders, "leaves" and receptacles (reproductive organs) are located and change in appearance during the year depending on water temperature and the amount of light.
Depth: 0-10 m.
Environment: Japweed does not thrive very well in wave exposed areas, but thrives well in streaming water. When it first started spreading along the Swedish west coast, it was first observed in protected and calm areas of the outer archipelagoes, but has since 1989 became common in more exposed areas.
Classification: Japweed is a member of group brown alga.

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