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Encrusting red algae
(about 18 species in Swedish waters)

Encrusting red algae

Distribution in scandinavian waters
Maximum diametre: At least 8 cm.
Appearance: All the specie start as a thin hard coating (=crust). Certain specie can develope small peaks from the crust that later grow into branches. They usually have a pink colour, but various tones from red to violet can appear. The edge of the crust can sometimes be white. In dead examples, the red pigment is broken down and the white calcium shines through.
Depth: 0 - approx. 40 m.
Environment: Pink calcareous crusts are found growing on cliffs, rocks and shells. Often found under larger alga.
Misc: It is difficult to discern between the 18 specie within this group. It should not be misstaken with Hildenbrandia rubra, which has a dark red or brown colour, is very thin and does not contain chalk.
Classification: Encrusting red algae are members of the red algae group.

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