Moon jellyfish

Moon jellyfish

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum diametre: 25 cm, but on rare occassions can measure up to 40 cm.
Appearance:Moon jellyfish are easy to recognize because of their four reproductive organs that are round or horseshoe-shaped. Along the periphery of the slightly arched "umbrella", short tentacles are attached. On the underside, four mouth arms are present. From the middle of the jellyfish, four channels run outwardly to a peripheral channel that circumferences the jellyfish. The moon jellyfish is transparent with a slightly blueish or pinkish tone. Its genitals, mouth arms, tentacles and channels have a slightly white, violet, red or yellow tone. Compare the moon jellyfish with the leptomedusae and the cyanea lamarckii.
Depth: From sea-level to unkown depth.
Classification: Moon jellyfish are members of the jellyfish group under the cnidarians.

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