Cyanea lamarckii

Cyanea lamarckii

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximun diametre: 30 cm, but in scandinavian waters rarely larger than 15 cm.
Appearance: Blue or yellow tone. It has a great many stinging tentacles that hang from the underside of the jellyfish. The four mouth arms, also hanging from the underside, are large and have many wrinkles and ripples.
    Compare the Cyanea lamarckii with the lion´s mane, moon och rhizostome jellyfish.
Depth: Sea-surface to unknown depth.
Environment: Pelagic.
Misc: The medusae bud and loosen from the mature polyps in much the same way as in the lifecycle of the moon jellyfish. This occurs between January and March around the British Isles and southern North Sea. It is probably from these areas that the species has drifted when seen in other areas between the Bay of Biscay to Iceland. In scandinavian waters a minor number are seen between May and September.
    By reading the pages about moon jellyfish you can find out more about the biology of jellyfish.
Classification: Cyanea lamarckii is a member of the jellyfish group under the cnidarians.

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