Compass jellyfish

Compass jellyfish

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum diametre: approx. 20 cm.
Appearance: The compass jellyfish has a yellow-whitish colour with characteristic brown V-shaped lines on top of the "umbrella". The relatively large tentacles are few (24), and the four mouth arms are wrinkled and noticiably long.
    Compare the compass jellyfish with the lion´s mane jellyfish.
Depth: From sea-level to unkown depth.
Environment: Pelagic.
Misc: Compass jellyfish change sex: first they are male, followed after by female. The medusae live mainly off other medusae, comb jellyfish and arrow worms. This species is a rarity in scandinavian waters, but medusae occasionally drift into nordic waters from the south during the summer and autumn.
    By reading the pages about the moon jellyfish you can learn more about the biology of the jellyfish.
Classification: The compass jellyfish is part of the jellyfish group under the cnidarians.

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