Lion´s mane jellyfish

Röd brännmanet ovanifrån 27 kB

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum diameter: 50 cm, but in Arctic waters har examples of about 2 m been observed.
Appearance: The Lion´s mane jellyfish has pronounced red or yellow colour. It has great number of long irritating stinging tentacles, that hang down from the underside of the "umbrella". The four mouth arms, that also hang from the "umbrellas" underside, are large with many wrinkles and creases.
    Compare the lion´s mane jellyfish with cyanea palmstruchi, the compass jellyfish and rhizostoma octopus.
Depth: From sea-level to unkown depth.
Enviroment: Pelagic.
Övrigt: Contrary to the moon jellyfish´s lifecycle only one ephyra-larvae buds from each polyp, and this happens mainly during the spring.
    Examples of the lion´s mane jellyfish have been seen as far as the Gulf of Finland.
Classification: The lion´s mane jellyfish is part of the group jellyfish, part of the group cnidaria.

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