Boring Sponges
(4-5 known specie in Sweden)

Distribution in scandinavian waters

Maximum length: Boring sponges can only be as large as the shell they live in.
Appearance: Golden yellow to greenish in colour. The parts of the sponge that stick out of the holes are fluffy. They feel soft and slightly glossy.
Depth: Living examples can be found from about 3m and deeper. Old bored examples can be found along the shoreline.
Environment: Boring sponges live in lime (calcium) rich objects where they chemically bore passages and cavities. The calcareous object can be almost hollow. Fast-growing specie can build a covering lump around the whole of the original calcareous object. Boring sponges are often found on old, thick shells from i.e. whelks or as pictured above, Black clams .
Misc: Boring sponges are important because they enable calcium that is bonded in solid form, i.e. shells, to be transformed into a solution (liquid form) and reused to build new constructions.
    The picture above shows keel worm tubes.
Classification: Boring sponges belong to the silica sponges under the group sponges (porifera).

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