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Variation and change

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Two places in nature are never alike. Furthermore, they are constantly changing. Certain things change quickly, while others change more slowly. Try and compare your discoveries with others, not only with those that have studied the same beach as you, but with others who have studied other beaches. Try and repeat surveys, not just on the same beach, but also on other beaches. Show, compare and discuss with others.
   Contact us at Aquascope and tell us about your findings. We can even try and answer your questions about the sea - we really hope that you have many questions after your visit to the beach. You have probably found many of the answers yourself when you studied the organisms yourself, looked in books or studied the facts section of Aquascope.
   Questions like ”Which”, ”How many”, ”Where ” and ”When” can be difficult to answer, but questions beginning with "Why" are almost always the most difficult. Shame that such questions are usually the most interesting. Read ”Gaining knowledge about the sea” to find out why it is so difficult finding answers about nature and what researchers do to get so decisive answers as possible.

Bo Johannesson

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Variation and change

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